Hello! My name is Nicole Hall and I am a Wedding and Event planner in the greater Seattle area.

I grew up in Redmond, WA and absolutely love the Pacific Northwest with it’s diverse regions, climates and the array of people here. I have always enjoyed planning parties, even as a kid, and enjoyed planning my own wedding so much, that I decided that it is something that I should do for other people!

I have spent about 20 years in various fields working in a project planning capacity, with customer service always being a top priority: as a Project Coordinator, Program Manager and Project Manager with training and testing through the Project Management Institute. I decided to stay at home after I had children and wondered where and when my next career would start, or if I would go back to the field that I was in since I had enjoyed it so much (I worked for a large coffee roasting and manufacturing company). After successfully planning a couple weddings, I realized my passion and with my previous work background, that wedding and party planning is exactly what I wanted to do – so here I am!

I absolutely LOVE to see people enjoying their special day, whether it’s a wedding, a fundraiser, a milestone birthday or a baby shower. To be able to take the stress off of someone’s shoulders and help them create exactly what they envision their event to be, is one of the best feelings. I hope that I get a chance to help you plan your next big event!

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